Operation: X-13

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Operation X-13 Reviews

Operation X-13 at Trapped was incredible! High production value, clever puzzles, and unique fresh take on the tried and true Escape room experience. Hands down the most immersive and thematic room I’ve ever done. Moses, our game master, was engaging, helpful and yet never broke character to maintain the immersion. 10/10 would do again!

- Zach L.

X-13 had thought-out set design, and was a fully immersive game through the gamemaster participation and types of puzzles. Hints were clever and appropriate, not just giveaways. Puzzles made clever use of many kinds of technology, some of which I’ve never before seen in escape rooms. Our gamemaster was great, and integral to our success.

- Chris A.

Operation X-13: This room totally passed my expectations! The gadgets provided to us as a communication device with our teammates totally made me feel like I was in a spy movie. Puzzles are creative and dense, which allows everyone in the group to do something and work together. I do not want to spoil anything further as you should really experience this room yourself! I definitely recommend!!

- Katrina N.

This escape experience was definitely the best that I have had in Las Vegas! I booked the operation x-13 for my best friend’s birthday and our group loved it. Definitely immersive and our game master was an ally to the experience. I love the way the game was set up and the cool gadgets that helped us play the proper roles to get the puzzles completed.

- Danbee T.

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