Operation: X-13

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Operation X-13 Reviews

Operation X-13 at Trapped was incredible! High production value, clever puzzles, and unique fresh take on the tried and true Escape room experience. Hands down the most immersive and thematic room I’ve ever done. Moses, our game master, was engaging, helpful and yet never broke character to maintain the immersion. 10/10 would do again!

- Zach L.

My friends and I had a blast with this room, and it was my favorite room during our Vegas trip, out of the 12 other ones we did that weekend. It was immersive (complete with tactile gear!) and incorporated a good variety of technology to make the game experience unique…. It was my favorite one in Las Vegas because of the creative puzzles and the way they have a bonus level that blends seamlessly with the plot. Definitely check them out!

- Mr N.

Operation X-13: This room totally passed my expectations! The gadgets provided to us as a communication device with our teammates totally made me feel like I was in a spy movie. Puzzles are creative and dense, which allows everyone in the group to do something and work together. I do not want to spoil anything further as you should really experience this room yourself! I definitely recommend!!

- Katrina N.

Today, we went to Trapped and did the X13 room. Some of us have done over a dozen rooms, some of us only one or two. Everyone was in agreement that this is our favorite so far. None of the issues that plague so many other escape rooms. Each clue item is used only once. No red herrings. Competent but reluctant assistance with hints. This experience was perfect from top to bottom. Highly recommended…

- A. T.

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