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Perfect room
We did the one eyed jack room and it was magnificent, the host that helped us was on point to guide us without giving anything away and the scenery of the room itself was incredible
My partner and I are seasoned escapees and this was perfect

- C B.

Had the best time! Me and my three friends did the one eye jack room and it was the perfect mix of spooky and suspense. I’m a complete scardy cat and this was just in the right limit of what I can handle. We finished with ten minutes to spare and only needed a few hints when we in the right direction. Highly recommend and would happily return!

- Ketzia A.

We love the Trapped! Rooms in San Dimas and Upland, so were really excited when we saw that this Vegas location had a room we had never tried before: One-Eyed Jack.

As with their other rooms, the puzzles were non-linear, so multiple people can work on multiple tasks, and the backstory and plot were well thought out, with an immersive set and high production value. Customer service was top-notch, as with all Trapped! locations.

- Jennifer C.

Wow! What can I say! We did all the rooms out in California and they were great! My husband and I were excited when this company opened up a Vegas location. We love Vegas! We did One Eyed Jack! We had a total of 4 people and it was perfect. We loved everything about this room. From the hint system to the puzzles. All the puzzles made sense and fit the room. The room itself was amazing, down to every detail. My husband and I love this company, owner and all the staff! Everyone is so nice and love their job. One Eyed Jack is our favorite room from this company! We can’t wait for new rooms to open up!

- Megan M.

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