The Lair of the Puzzlemaster

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The Lair of the Puzzlemaster Reviews

We had an absolutely FANTASTIC time today, and we BEAT the PuzzleMaster!! I HIGHLY recommend Trapped Escape Rooms. It was an intense, immersive experience; the puzzles were clever, difficult without being impossible, and the rooms themselves were wonderfully and realistically decorated to make us TRULY feel like we were in a PuzzleMaster’s Lair. Kudos to the Trapped team for pulling it all together into such a perfect package.

- Mark B.

Nice, friendly staff and great escape room experience! I’ve participated in several escape rooms and the Puzzlemaster is now one of my favorites! Thanks Trapped!

- Shawna M.

I go to escape rooms all over Las Vegas and this is definitely one of the best. We did the puzzlemaster one and it has to be one of the hardest I have ever done. I really like how it was so much more than figuring out combinations to a bunch of locks!

- Erin O.

The difficulty felt perfect and the pace was great. 10/10 would do it again.

- Justin C.

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