Pandora's Box


Pandora's Box Reviews

Just did Pandora’s box and it’s definitely one of my favorite rooms I’ve ever done. Very well designed, intuitive, amazing atmosphere and the game master was awesome. I wish someone could use one of those men in black memory erasers on me to wipe my memory of that room just so I could go back and experience it for the first time again!!!

- Chris D.

Simply put, this room was hands-down one of the most fun we’ve ever completed as it excites all of your senses making for an extremely immersive and intense experience. Not to mention, the production quality was 100% Hollywood in terms of set design, background music, lighting, and special effects.

- Anthony C.

Pandora’s Box is a technical marvel. It is a great example of how wonderful and immersive a room with a small footprint can be. It reminds me of Arcane’s Ghost of Mentryville in its creative use of space, detailed central prop, and advanced sound and lighting. This room also uses many of the Four Elements with good effect for a full sensory experience. This Pandora’s Box contains good things in a small package. Highly recommend!

- Keith R.

Just went to the Pandora’s box escape room they have in San Dimas– we escaped! This is the 14th escape room iv’e done and I was EXTREMELY happy with the room and theming! I was told by the incredibly helpful employee Taylor that all the puzzle boxes, set effects, and room was hand made, and the passion for creation really shows in the room. The actress was animated, enthusiastic, and even offered to show us how to complete the bonus puzzles we missed. The room was immersive and the bonus puzzles scaled in difficulty, giving all ages and experience levels a chance to experience the room for the full hour while having the option to complete the room after solving the main puzzle. This is the first time I’ve really written a review but I just had to after this room because I loved the concept, service, and immersion!

- Sophia A.