Why is Team Building Important?

Some groups and organizations put a bigger emphasis on team building than others. If you’re wondering if team building is right for you and if it’s important for your company, you’ve come to the right place.

This article breaks down the age-old question that leaders and CEO’s ask themselves around the world: “Why is team building important?”

While some see it as costly, ineffective, or a waste of time, the truth is that team building exercises play an important role in helping organizations achieve success. Whether you want to boost morale, increase engagement, improve communication or even grow your revenue, team building is the answer.

With some recent statistics published on the topic, we take a look at why team building is essential for any great business to thrive, and how you can implement team building exercises in your organization today!

Three Reasons Why Team Building is Important

Total Team Building reports that “A 2015 Gallup study shows that a highly engaged leadership team can boost employee engagement by up to 39%”

Team building activities that get supervisors, managers, and employees together regularly boost engagement on all levels of the organization. Then, this engagement leads to three positive effects in the workplace….

Team Building Exercises Can Help Reduce Workplace Failures

Consider adopting team building practices in your workplace because it can reduce workplace failures. A recent study done by Fierce Inc. found that “86 percent of employees cite lack of collaboration for workplace failures.”  This lack of collaboration and ineffective communication can be improved with regular team-building exercises.


Simply put, team building helps employees practice and improve their communication in a fun setting like an escape room or a cooking class. These team building exercises also help your employees form stronger relationships outside of the office and open up new lines of communication in and out of the workplace.

Team Building Exercises Can Help Reduce Employee Turnover

If you’re on the fence about implementing team building activities in your organization, consider this interesting statistic from Office Vibe. Their infographic shares: “Highly engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their companies.”

So, how can you keep your employees engaged to reduce turnover? Team building activities can help. Events, workshops, classes, exercises and more can all increase engagement and help your employees feel like an integral part of the office community.

Team Building Exercises Can Help Increase Revenue

The same infographic from Office Vibe reports another surprising statistic: “Companies with engaged employees make 2.5 times the revenue.”

Yes, team building activities cost money and but finding room for them in the budget is clearly worthwhile. Making a small investment into your organization with team building activities can result in profitable returns in the future.

How to Implement Team Building Exercises in Your Organization

Now that you know team building activities are important in the workplace, it’s time to learn how to implement them. Team building activities can range from educational to professional to purely social. Every company culture is different, but it’s a good idea to try a few different team building activities to find what suits your team best.


Maybe a social happy hour is the best way for your group to unwind after work and get to know each other better. Or, organizing a professional speaker or a day-long workshop might work better for your crew. If you’re looking for something fun that still helps improve communication and cooperation, you can also try group activities like the Trapped! Escape Room Las Vegas, where small groups have to work together to solve the puzzle before time runs out. These team building activities in Las Vegas will truly benefit your organization.


The options for team building activities are truly endless. Consider cooking classes, specialized retreats, or even outdoors events like hiking or sailing. A variety of activities throughout the year can help each employee get to know others outside of the office and open up stronger lines of communication throughout the organization.

Team Building is an Essential Aspect of Successful Organizations

Clearly, team building is important. It helps improve engagement not only among employees but through all levels of the organization.


This engagement then has many positive effects. First, the improved communication can help reduce workplace failures. Second, keeping your employees engaged at work reduces costly employee turnover. Third, a more engaged team can lead to higher revenue for your business.


Team building exercises will make an impact in your office both financially and professionally, so it’s important to begin implementing them today!