Things to do in Las Vegas During the Day

If your idea of Las Vegas is restricted to late-night gambling, club-hopping and basking under the neon lights on the Strip, then you’d better check your watch. Sure, Sin City kicks it into high gear after dark, but there are also many attractions available during daylight hours that are just as enriching as the payout of any slot machine. Let’s take a quick look at some of the fun that can be had under the Nevada sun, and you just might want to skip sleeping in.

Las Vegas During the Day

1) Seek An Escape

Escape rooms are increasingly popular throughout the country, and Las Vegas is no exception. For example, our company Trapped! ( offers guests the chance to use their wits to solve real-life puzzles in intriguing scenarios such as tracking down an art thief, stealing a potentially deadly chemical formula or escaping a serial killer’s lair. Your well-rested brain will enjoy the challenge before you let loose later on that evening.

2) A Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour

Feel like seeing the city at your own pace but would rather not do too much walking in the heat of the desert? A daytime hop-on, hop-off bus tour allows you the chance to explore the downtown and Las Vegas Strip on your own schedule. With multiple routes and a large selection of hopping-on-and-off locations, these double-decker bus tours will let you experience a wide range of hotels, restaurants, shows and shopping attractions at your leisure, while at the same time providing you with ample information about the city and its history. If you have limited time and still want to see all of Las Vegas’ iconic attractions, spending a day on an open-top bus is a great option.

3) See A Show

Yeah, yeah, I know – the biggest and best headliners all perform at night. But that doesn’t mean you need to sit around all day un-entertained. During the day many of the top resorts have shows and exhibitions across a wide range of interests, and there are also plenty of daytime performances available, including those of a more family-friendly nature.  Naturally these events are constantly changing, so check local listings for up to date information. However, this is a great option for making the best use of your daylight hours while in Sin City.

4) Spend Some Time By the Pool

Chances are, your Vegas hotel has a pool. If you’re staying at one of the better resorts, that’s a full-out guarantee. Since you’re already spending the money to sleep there, why not make good use of these watery oases in the desert? With a hot and sunny climate for most of the year, temperatures will make taking a dip much more appealing. As a bonus, you can also sit poolside to work on your tan before showing it off later that night.

5) Splash Around in a Water Park

Speaking of water, there are several water park options to choose from in the Las Vegas & Henderson area. Great for families, these aquatic amusement parks are an excellent way to play in the sun. While the concept of a water park in the desert might seem like an oxymoron, bear in mind that this is a city that has already imported the Eiffel Tower, Great Pyramid and New York City skyline. What’s a little water park in comparison?

6) Have Fun Downtown

Once upon a time, Fremont Street was the place to be in Las Vegas. While the construction of monolithic resorts like the Luxor, Venetian and Mandalay Bay drew tourists away, this classic Vegas strip has seen sort of a reawakening. Its covered canopy will provide you with free light shows – even during the daytime – and it houses many historic casinos, specialty shows and assorted curiosities. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, you can try the new SlotZilla attraction – a zipline down Fremont Street for a birds-eye view of the action. You can choose between soaring from seven stories up in a seated position, or the ultimate, “Super Hero” style which covers a distance of five blocks from eleven stories up. Either way, there are discounts for ‘flying’ before six o’clock.

7) Day At The Museum

Who says you have to wait for nightfall to enjoy the neon lights? The Neon Museum is an outdoor museum dedicated to preserving Las Vegas’ neon light heritage. Visitors are required to take a one hour guided tour (that means hands off the signs, in case you haven’t got the point) which will showcase this unique aspect of the city’s history through its collection of illuminated artistry over the decades. While evening hours do allow the chance to see some of the signs lit up, tickets are cheaper during the day. For those who are interested, they also sell a combo ticket that would grant you access to the Mob Museum as well – located nearby in a historic former federal courthouse building – for yet another interesting look at the fascinatingly unique history of Las Vegas.

8) Do Your Own Thing…Sort Of

As an entertainment capital, Las Vegas offers experiences that cater to a wide spectrum of tastes. You can immerse yourself in unique activities like taking trapeze lessons, driving exotic cars, learning how to shoot firearms and even take a Pink Cadillac tour with an Elvis impersonator. And if your tastes are little more mundane – and literal – an afternoon food tour is a rewarding way to acquaint yourself with some of the best culinary experiences on offer. Whatever your flavor, Vegas is likely to have something that would be worth the time of day regardless of your particular interest.

9) Get Out of Town

Daytime is meant for day trips, and Vegas has no shortage of those. Accessible via a one-day jitney are such world-class attractions as the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and even Zion National Park. Sure, these are long days, but the payoffs are some of the best scenic landscapes in the U.S. And for those hoping to spend some time outdoors without schlepping it through the desert, there are activities of all sorts, from horseback riding, to ATV tours to hot air balloon rides all within easy range of the city.

Sure, Las Vegas is a dream for night owls, but as we’ve just covered that’s only half the story. By spending some time seeing the attractions by day, you can be sure to come out on top regardless of how well you do at the casino.  So place your bets on the daylight hours and save the catnaps for the early evening – you’ve got some sightseeing to do.