5 Group Activities in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is full of unique and exciting group activities. If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, then this city is the one for you.


Of course, Las Vegas is home to plenty of the usual group activities like cooking classes, hiking, and high ropes courses but that’s not all you have to choose from. Next time you book a group activity in Las Vegas make sure you keep these five interesting options in mind!

Visit Trapped! Escape Room Las Vegas

The Trapped! Escape Room Las Vegas is one of the best bonding experiences in the city. Trapped! Escape Room offers three different room options and each one can accommodate between 10 and 13 people. In an escape room, you must work together as a team to decipher the clues and solve the puzzle before your hour is up.


Room themes at Trapped! include the “One-Eyed Jack” mystery, “Operation X-13,” and “The Lair of the Puzzlemaster.” Each one requires quick thinking, creativity, and teamwork to escape the room before time runs out.

Learn more about Trapped! here: https://www.trappedescaperoomvegas.com/
Address: Trapped! Escape Room Las Vegas, 4760 Polaris Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89103
Phone: (702) 907-8078

Schedule a Knockerball Game

Is your group into sports and athletics? If so, Knockerball is the perfect group activity in Las Vegas for you. The game is similar to soccer but with one major twist: each player is inside an inflatable ball! You can jump, you can bounce, you can tackle your friends all without a scratch.


One of the best parts about Knockerball in Las Vegas is that you can play it in the company’s indoor facility or they can bring the game to you anywhere in the city!
Phone: (702) 525-6924

Try Your Hand at Axe Throwing

Have you ever considered axe throwing for your group activity in Las Vegas? The axe throwing at Axe Monkey is sure to bring out the competitive spirit in anyone who takes up the challenge.


Besides being a unique experience and tons of fun, axe throwing is a perfect group activity in Las Vegas because they have separate group rooms for events and even a mobile axe throwing unit so they can bring the fun to your house, office, or anywhere else you plan to do it. Plus, if axe throwing isn’t really for you, you can also check out other options for group events in Las Vegas like knife throwing, spear throwing, and the infamous “rage room.”

Address: Axe Monkeys – Indoor Axe Throwing, 3525 E Post Rd #110, Las Vegas, NV 89120
Phone: (702) 844-2439

Explore the Glowzone

The Glowzone in Las Vegas is like an all-in-one adventure, where everything is in one place and all of it glows. Whether you’re a group of adults, kids, or mixed in age, the Glowzone has something for everyone.


With arcade games, food and drinks, a ropes course, mini-golf, a ninja challenge, and so much more, the glow zone is sure to be a crowd pleaser. One of the best things about the Glowzone in Las Vegas is that you can buy all-day passes so kids and adults alike can stay as long as they want. This flexibility is appealing when planning group events and makes it a destination to keep in mind for all of your Las Vegas events.

Address: Glowzone Las Vegas, #1200, 6630 Arroyo Springs St, Las Vegas, NV 89113
Phone: (702) 978-7790

Race Dune Buggies in the Desert

There are many different tour groups and companies that offer dune buggy experiences in the Nevada desert. These are a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and foster some friendly competition in your group.


Dune buggy experiences are also a unique group activity in Las Vegas because you can get outdoors and off the strip for a change of scenery. Dune buggy racing in the desert is one of the most exciting ways to explore the landscapes around Las Vegas and this group activity is appropriate for all ages.

5 Activities For Your Group Outing in Las Vegas

Whether you’re Las Vegas natives or just a traveling group passing through, the city has plenty of group activities to fill up your itinerary.


Test your teamwork, logic, and creativity at the Trapped! Escape Room Las Vegas, get active with a game of Knockerball, a day at the axe throwing range, or with the wide variety of games and courses at the Las Vegas Glowzone, or go on an outdoor adventure with dune buggy racing in the desert.


In Las Vegas, group events are easy to schedule no matter what you’re looking for. Use this list to get started and explore five great group activity in Las Vegas perfect for your next outing!