6 Unique Things To Do In Las Vegas

Everyone knows Las Vegas is all about the gambling, the casinos, and the over-the-top shows. However, there’s another side to the city that not everyone sees.

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Have Fun with These Unusual Activities

Are you ready to try something new in the Sin City? If you want to get off the beaten path, here are six unique things to do in Las Vegas!

1. Take an Adventure at Trapped! Escape Room Las Vegas

Trapped! is perfect for the adrenaline lover and puzzle-solver alike. This escape room is a physical adventure game, where you and your closest friends and family are locked into a themed room. There you’ll receive clues and hints that will push your creativity, logic, and teamwork to the limits.


If you can complete the puzzle before your time expires, you escape the room and get to celebrate. If not, you fail the test.


There are three different themed rooms at Trapped!, one based on catching a serial killer, one based on tracking down a criminal mastermind, and the other based on solving corporate espionage. With something for everyone and a convenient location right off the strip, it’s easy to come back again and again and have a new adventure every time!

The escape rooms are located at: Trapped! Escape Room, 4760 Polaris Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89103, (702) 907-8078

2. Bungee Jump at the Stratosphere Tower

This option is not for the faint of heart. The Stratosphere Tower SkyJumpis listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Highest Commercial Decelerator Descent”… which means you’re going to be jumping from extreme heights!


You’ll be leaping, alone, from 829 feet above the Vegas strip. One of the best parts about the jump is that you can do it during the day, at sunset, and even at night, so you can enjoy three seriously stunning views of the city from above.


The SkyJump is definitely a unique attraction in Las Vegas, and a great way to start off a weekend in the city!

3. Go For a Hike

Deserts aren’t exactly famous for their hiking, but there are some beautiful views around Las Vegas if you know where to look.


If you’re the outdoorsy type and don’t want to be stuck in windowless, air-conditioned casinos all day, this is the perfect option for you. Hot springs, fresh air, and stunning views all await you on the hiking trails around Las Vegas.


The popular Red Rock National Canyonis a must visit for any nature lover. The large rock formations are one of the most unique things to see in Las Vegas, and easy to access. Choose to either drive the 13-mile loop through the park for amazing views, or park and hop out for a hike.


For another nearby, well-maintained trail that the whole family can walk, try the Historic Railroad Trail near Boulder City. If you’re looking for something tough and more adventurous, check out the Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs, where you will scramble up rocks with rope and be rewarded with a relaxing dip in the hot springs at the end.

3. Visit the Neon Museum

Sure, you’re used to seeing neon light up the night on the strip, but did you know they have a graveyard too? The Neon Museum is an outdoor boneyard and the final resting place for decommissioned signs made by the Young Electric Sign Company.


If you’re interested in learning more about the past, check out this unique thing to do in Las Vegas. You can book a  tour online here, and learn about the original pieces of Las Vegas’ seriously colorful history.


Their new experience, Brilliant!, “transports visitors directly into the history of Las Vegas through sight and 3D sound. Static signs come to life, splashed with iconic Las Vegas images and accompanied by the soundtrack of some of the greatest musical performers in history.”


If you’re looking for a show that’s different from the usual offerings on the strip, this is the place for you.

4. Operate Heavy Machinery at Dig This

This might just be the most unique thing to do in Las Vegas. Dig Thisbills itself as a “The World’s Heavy Equipment Playground.”


Here you can pay a fee, sit in on a short training session, and then have fun operating large machinery. Some options at Dig This include crushing a car with an excavator, digging holes and rolling over mounds in a bulldozer, and more.


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to work on a construction site, now you have the chance to find out. Put on your hard hat and try your hand at operating some heavy machinery at Dig This!

5. Enjoy a Drink at Atomic Liquors

This bar isn’t like all the others in Las Vegas. Atomic Liquorsis unique for many reasons.


First, it’s the oldest bar in the city (their liquor license reads #00001). Second, it gets its name because guests used to sit on the roof and watch the atomic testing and mushroom clouds blowing up only 65 miles away from the establishment. Finally, Atomic Liquors was a regular haunt for the famous Rat Pack, Barbra Streisand, Clint Eastwood, and other celebrities in Las Vegas.


Any liquor lover and history enthusiast can appreciate this integral part of the Vegas backbone. Visit it to grab a craft beer, chill out on the patio, or attend one of their special events, like the Sour Saturday festival!

6. Step Back in Time at the Pinball Hall of Fame

10,000 square feet of pinball machines. If that sounds like heaven to you, add a visit to the Pinball Hall of Fame to your Las Vegas to-do list.


Not only can you see machines from the past 70 years, but you can also play any and all of them! Even better, they only cost between 25 to 50 cents each. Additionally, the Pinball Hall of Fame is a registered non-profit organization, so you can rest easy that your money is going toward supporting something good.


If you have kids in the city, this is the perfect place to take them for a day out that the whole family will enjoy.

The Most Unique Things To Do in Las Vegas

If you want to step off the beaten path, there are plenty of unique options to explore in Las Vegas.


Spend an hour at Trapped! Escape Room, or bungee jump from over 800 feet. Go for a hike, visit the Neon Museum, or grab a drink at the oldest bar in the city. You can even operate heavy machinery or step back in time at the Pinball Hall of Fame.


Whatever you decide to do, you’re sure to enjoy your stay in Las Vegas. There’s no other place in the world quite like it!