Should You Visit an Escape Room?

The-Puzzlemaster-2 escape room

You may have heard of escape rooms before. They’ve been rising in popularity for the past few years, and for good reason. Escape rooms are a totally unique way to enjoy your night out and try something new.


Are you sick of going to dinner and a movie every weekend? If so, escape rooms may be just what you need to break up the routine. Keep reading to learn more about them and see if a day out at Trapped! Escape Room is for you!


You should visit an escape room if…

You’re Creative

One of the best reasons to visit the Trapped! Escape Room is to enjoy the beautiful sets. Each one is fully immersive so it becomes more than just a game. Escape rooms are also great for creative people because they encourage players to think outside the box. If you have a creative mind, this will be right up your alley!


Finally, as adults, we all know that our creative dreams don’t always get to become reality. If you want to stretch your creative side with something new outside of your work and usual hobbies, the Trapped! Escape Room are the perfect place to do it.

You’re Looking for a Family-Friendly Activity

Anyone with kids can tell you that finding an activity that pleases everyone in the family is nearly impossible. Luckily, the Trapped! Escape Room are here to help. They are ideal for kids ages 12 and up and a great challenge to take on as a family. Let the little ones take the lead and they’ll have a blast searching for clues, piecing together the puzzle, and saving the family before it’s too late!

You Want an Unusual Date Night

Sometimes dinner and a movie just don’t cut it. With Trapped! Escape Room you and your partner can bond in an entirely new way as you work together to solve the puzzle.


Escape rooms are perfect for a first day because they’ll spur endless conversation afterward. Laugh about the mistakes you made, congratulate each other on your success, and grab dinner with plenty of talking points to keep the night going strong.


Even if you’ve been together for years, going to an escape room on a date is the perfect way to put your relationship to the test. You’ll have to communicate clearly, listen well, and work together under pressure. Do you have what it takes?

You Want to Support Small Business

Did you know that the Trapped! is family-owned? At each location, you’ll experience great customer service. When you support small business you give back to the community that you live in and receive hospitality from people who truly care about making your experience unforgettable.

You’re Looking for a Team Building Activity

Trapped! Escape Rooms are great for corporate events or team building activities with any group that you work with. They’re a great way to watch your team in action, see their strengths, and encourage communication among members. Plus, they’re tons of fun! If you want to learn more about your team and have a blast while you do it, a day out at the Trapped! is the perfect place for you.

You Want a Challenge

Last, but certainly not least, you should visit Trapped! if you’re looking for a challenge. There are multiple themed games so you can try more than one on your trip or come back again for a completely different experience.


You must piece together the clues and solve the puzzle, but if you’re stumped the gamemaster will help you out with a hint. As the one-hour timer counts down you’ll definitely feel the pressure!

Is an Escape Room Right for You?

There is truly something for everyone at the Trapped! Escape Rooms. If you’ve been thinking about trying one, but aren’t sure if they’re right for you, this article is here to help. If any of the above statements apply to you, you’re sure to enjoy the Trapped! Escape Rooms.


Whether you’re creative and looking for new inspiration or just want a challenge outside of our day-to-day routine, the themed puzzles will definitely stretch your mind in new ways. They’re also perfect for anyone looking for an unusual date night, team building activities, or just a family-friendly day out that everyone can enjoy! Support small business and visit the family-owned Trapped! Escape Rooms today!